Services We Offer

At the Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law (AJICL), we offer a range of services designed to support legal scholars, practitioners, students, and institutions. Our services aim to enhance the study, practice, and understanding of international and comparative law.

1. Scholarly Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles
We publish high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles that contribute to the academic discourse on international and comparative law. Our rigorous review process ensures that each article meets the highest standards of scholarship.

Case Studies
Our detailed case studies explore landmark cases and significant legal developments globally. These case studies provide valuable insights into the application and interpretation of law across different jurisdictions.

Expert Commentaries
We offer authoritative opinions and analyses on contemporary legal issues through our expert commentaries. These commentaries are written by leading scholars and practitioners, providing readers with in-depth perspectives on complex legal matters.

Special Issues
Periodically, we release themed special issues that focus on specific areas of interest within international and comparative law. These issues feature contributions from renowned experts and provide comprehensive coverage of the chosen topic.

2. Legal Practice Support

Personal Injury Law
Gain insights into international personal injury law through comparative analyses and case studies. Our publications provide valuable information for practitioners dealing with cross-border personal injury cases.

Comparative Legal Systems
We offer comparative analyses of legal systems across different jurisdictions, helping practitioners and scholars understand the nuances and differences in legal practices worldwide.

International Human Rights
Stay informed about the latest developments in international human rights law. Our articles and commentaries cover significant cases, legislative changes, and emerging trends in this vital area of law.

3. Educational and Networking Events

Conferences and Seminars
Participate in our conferences and seminars, which bring together legal professionals, scholars, and students to discuss and debate important issues in international and comparative law. These events feature speakers who are thought leaders in the field.

Join our webinars to gain insights from experts on a wide range of topics. Our webinars offer an interactive platform for learning and discussion, accessible from anywhere in the world.

4. Resource Access

Digital Archive
Subscribers gain access to our extensive digital archive, which includes past issues, special editions, and featured articles. This repository is an invaluable resource for research and reference.

Subscription Services
We offer subscription services for individuals and institutions. Subscribers receive regular updates on the latest publications, upcoming events, and important announcements, along with printed and/or digital copies of our journal.

5. Professional Development

Author Support
We provide comprehensive support for authors throughout the submission and publication process. Our guidelines and resources help ensure that submissions meet our standards for quality and originality.

Collaboration Opportunities
AJICL collaborates with academic institutions, professional organizations, and other stakeholders to advance the study and practice of international and comparative law. We welcome proposals for joint initiatives and projects.

6. Student Programs

Apply for internships to gain hands-on experience in legal research and publishing. Our internship program offers valuable opportunities for law students to develop their skills and knowledge.

Essay Competitions
Participate in our essay competitions to showcase your research and writing skills. Winners have the opportunity to be published in AJICL and receive recognition within the legal community.

Exclusive Content
Access content specifically designed for law students, including study guides, research tools, and more. Our student programs aim to foster the next generation of legal scholars and practitioners.

Join our community to stay updated with the latest developments in international and comparative law. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, and explore our digital archive for a wealth of information and resources.

Contribute to AJICL

We welcome submissions from legal scholars, practitioners, and students. If you have original research, case studies, or commentaries to share, please review our submission guidelines and become a part of our esteemed publication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Accordion Sample DescriptionAJICL is a leading publication dedicated to the study and advancement of international and comparative law. We publish high-quality, peer-reviewed articles, case studies, and expert commentaries.
Our journal is a valuable resource for legal scholars, practitioners, students, and anyone interested in international and comparative law.
To submit an article, please review our Submission Guidelines and follow the instructions provided. We accept submissions from legal scholars, practitioners, and students.
We accept a variety of submissions, including research articles, case studies, commentaries, and book reviews related to international and comparative law.
We offer internships, essay competitions, and exclusive content designed specifically for law students. Visit our Student Programs Page for more details.
Application details for internships can be found on our Internships Page. Please follow the instructions provided to apply.